Saturday, March 3, 2012

Thursday - Tech and Translliteracy - Meet the Zombie Invasion

This cleverly titled session was using zombies as an analogy of how students behave in the traditional classroom.  It was an apps session where they did a show & tell on a bunch of different applications.  They organized these applications (which I liked) under 4 headings:  Create, Collaborate, Communicate, and Curate.

I have created a pearl tree of the links after looking at each of them and filtering out the "pay" apps.  You can go to that pearl tree here.  I have expanded this Pearl Tree to include apps that I've found from other sessions and I've continued with the 4 headings with an addition of Assessment for a 5th category.

The apps that are not included from this seminar because they seemed poor or cost money include: iBook Creator, PicLots

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