Friday, March 16, 2012

ICE Conference Thoughts

Below are several apps that can be used with the IPAD. I provided a list that categorized by topic. Several of the apps are free and there are some free app finders included.

Bottom line, there are several apps available for the ipad that can be integrated into the classroom in several ways. I was especially intrigue by the apps that allow the user to integrate sound and video seamlessly together.

Ipad integration

·         Appstart
·         Appsgonefree
o   w/ push notification for daily free apps, can volumize it, NCTM, around holidays
·         ipadeducator

eclicker response system
·         eclicker is free
·         host is 9.99, then you can put it on the student machines
·         up to 30 students can be hosted at once, the closer 30 but it slows down
·         send question and pushes to device (can be timed, and gives feedback on performance)
·         bonjour needs to be disabled for the e clicker to work on the network
·         you can bring your own device, iphone or itouch, not android or blackberry

Show me or screen chomp
·         free app
·         math, English (sentence structure), geography (maps)
·         great for alternative assessment
·         you can search for teacher and student work

Flashscards Deluxe
·         3.99
·         Create flashcards with (Free)
·         Create cards with real pictures from flicker
·         Create or search for shared cards
·         Kids can assess themselves

Animation creator and flipbook
·         Creater 0.99
·         Flip book 4.99
·         Create animations to tell a story

·         Creative genius 0.99
·         Sparks thinking
·         3d math, get’s students to think about math operations

·         Motion math HD 2.99, good for fractions, decimals, percents. Use a ball to provide intervention, used for all levels
·         Factor samuri, free, slice through numbers until they are prime, similar to fruit ninja
·         Success maker speed games, 1.99, rti intervention, tracks progress        

·         Tools 4 student 0.99
·         Graphic organizers, used over and over again, can be emailed, monitors comprehension. Can be used across disciplines
·         Good for monitoring progress

Madlibs is a good way to teach using the ipad!

·         Spell board is 4.99
·         Create spelling lists
·         Good language practice, good practice with words, can share practice between devices, logs time spent on practice sessions

Story writing
·         Storyrobe is 0.99
·         Record a story, 3 min long, share by email, record story and draw picture

·         Oresome elements is free, periodic table app
·         Simple physics 1.99, figure out things work – simple machines, build and test
·         Build a bird free, teachers about structure and function
·         Hudson alpha is free, Icell 3d view of organism (animals, plants, and cells)

Social studies
·         Wordfoto 1.99, allows 10 words become part of a photo, great for vocabulary
·         Britannica kids apps are 4.99, several for social studies and science

Teacher tools
·         Stick pics, 2.99, questions starts based on blooms taxonomy

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