Tuesday, March 6, 2012

It's Not About The Apps!

The most informative session I attended was a brief overview of how teachers at Stevenson HS are utilizing IPADS in their classrooms.  While a few different teachers showed specific examples of projects they do in class, they all had the same basic message:  Using the IPAD in the classroom is NOT about finding content specific apps.  Most content specific apps are boring and nothing more then a glorified textbook.  Their focus was on finding Apps that allow students to create and collaborate...ie animoto, voicethread, screencast-o-matic, etc..  The trick is to utilize these Apps to enhance your curriculum.

I personally hope we go with the Ipad.  The ease of movement around the classroom allows for a great deal of student interaction.  Students can also snap photos and record audio/video very easily with the Ipad.

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