Sunday, March 4, 2012

ICE Conference: Collaborative Tools for the Classroom

ICE Conference, Collaborative Tools

Wow! The logo on everything "nebraska loves our public schools" and it is stated frequently. I want to hear "illinois loves our public schools & teachers" so was very interested in what they are doing. One technique to gain community support, I was able to identify is the many video clips they publish online for the community to view. Videos are students explaining what and how they are learning in a Challenge Based Learning community. the raw footage goes to a digital editing class lab at the high school so has a professional touch.

Focus of Presentation: Challenge Based Learning
Not enough to just use technology anymore, in the future must collaborate from behind the walls. Katie Morrow from O'Neil, NE a very small community was an excellent presenter. Because O'Neill is isolated the desire to reach out and communicate with other communities is strong. She is a distinguished Apple educator and had many apps to bring collaboration within the classroom as well as outside the community and country.

Socrative (just out of beta version)
free response engage the class using any device--any web enabled
quiz poll

Daily blogger--each day different student adds to blog
collaboritive through Blogger
google presentations students work together on creating a presentation
voicethread Advantage: more than one voice comments on presentation. Teacher can add voice for comments. (Feedback is instant) Other students can give voice feedback

backchannel -use students interest in Twitter to complement the classroom creat a room, no account, transcript from chat can be viewed. can view transcript
google Presentations;; backchannel view together; anyone else can joint the chat

Google Forms
Assessment --peer evalutation
creat form
collet results
results summary

available on all web enabled devices

Social Bookmarking bookmarks--central place for all your bookmarks. Can choose which ones you want to share

concept map: wall on a topic; anyone can click on a wall and add buggy

Collaborate with Experts
video conferenceing software
Skype, Ichat
Ichat theatre
-- Homebound or sick student can join the class
Outline a chapter. groups decide on dividing the work up.

Glogster online poster
How can the community become more healthy? Students in PE class documented on spreadsheet family activity, food choices, etc over a specified period of time.

challenge basis learned
collaborators in learning
real world problem
post challenge/ solutions
reduce carbon footprint
start with action word
authentic use of technology

Edmodo -- free safe (just your class not open to whole world

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