Monday, March 5, 2012

Preparing for a 1:1 Classroom

Several presenters at the ICE Conference reiterated the same idea; going to a 1:1 classroom requires a huge amount of effort up-front, but it gets easier for the teacher every subsequent year.  I attended the conference in hopes of finding helpful hints for flipping my classroom using the 1:1 design.  I took ideas from different presenters and came up with a list of things to get done by next fall.
1.  Create a library of 5-9 minute videos that students will watch as homework each night.  Ugh!  This task will be time-consuming.  Do we have a summer curriculum project?  Get a You Tube channel.
2.  Learn how to use Moodle as a portal. 
3.  I can have students take quizzes at home or in class using Moodle.  Quizzes can be imported through ExamView.  Sign-up for an ExamView class.
4.  Find Salmaan Khan on You Tube.  Apparently he has a tremendous number of science lectures and demos already made, which would decrease the number of videos I would have to make myself.
5.  Investigate the Mobile Interactive Whiteboard ($300) which would allow me to roam around the room while I write on the tablet and project the information.  Prevents being locked in one place and improves ability to manage the classroom.
6.  Go digital with my curriculum.  All handouts should be prepared and placed in Moodle for kids to access.
7.  Create a list of apps that my students will need to successfully learn in a 1:1 classroom.  An app that appears to be extremely useful for students is "Good Reader."  It allows Powerpoints to be converted into pdf files, which kids can type their notes into or write on top of with a stylus.  It also allows me to grade documents, put immediate feedback on the paper using a stylus, and email the document back to the kid.  Sounds great for going paperless!

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  1. There are several other options out there for mobile interactive whiteboards that are cheaper (~$10). I'll post them when I get home and have access to an ipad.