Monday, August 5, 2013

New printer names, new printers, color printers, and printing to the Xerox

New printer names
The printers will be renamed using the room number where the printer is located. The printer name will usually end with a 1 but if there is more than one printer in the room then the name might end in a 2 or a 3. For example, a printer in room 2 where there is only one printer will be named FHS-002-1. In room 178 there are three printers which are named FHS-178-1, FHS-178-2, and FHS-178-3. 

Every printer will be labeled on its front panel with its new name. If you want to add a printer, you can see the printer name right on the front of the printer and then add it to your computer by following this link <http://fhsvhprint1/Printers/>. 

New printers
HP 525dn - scan and email documents

The last few outdated printers have been replaced with three different printer models. Nearly all monochrome printers are now four years old or newer.  

The HP 401dn is a small printer than prints 35 pages per minute and can handle up to 50,000 pages per month. 

The HP 601dn is a larger printer than prints 45 pages per minute and can handle up to 175,000 pages per month. 

The HP 525dn is a multi-function printer that can be used to scan documents and email them as PDFs to any email address. There are several in the building including in the technology office. Feel free to use the 525dn any time our doors our open.

Color printers
Color printing has been declining for several years due to the increase in posting presentations and materials online. Students provide a color-rich presentation when using a projector in front of their peers, and they submit their work to the teacher through Schoology, Google, Dropbox, or the school shared drive.

The number of color printers will begin to decrease over time. They will not go away entirely, but some color printers will not be replaced once they pass their life cycle. 

Printing to the Xerox
You can send any of your printed work to the Xerox which allows you to print double-sided, collate, and staple your work. It can handle large print jobs, too. You can skip the faculty services line and print it directly to the Xerox yourself. If you are printing off old files that are not saved to your computer, take that stack of files to the technology office and scan them as PDFs. Then print them on the Xerox.

Add the Xerox to your printer list by going to <http://fhsvhprint1/Printers/> and add the last printer on the list Xerox Teachers HOLD.

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