Sunday, March 4, 2012

ICE Conference: Goudy IPAD 1:1

Goudy IPAD 1:1 Initiative ICE Conference 2012
Goudy is a CPS elementary school in the Uptown neighborhood. I was interested on a totally personal level because that is where I attended kindgergarten . Awhile back, it was listed as the worst elementary school in America--not a label any school would want. So I was curious as to what was going on there now and what students were doing.

Goudy received a 1:1 grant and all students have an IPad issued to them during the school day. This is some of what the presenter discussed:
Lots of rules concerning use of technology k-8
Students pick up Ipad in a.m. on their way to homeroom, keep through out the day but can't take home. Transient demographics and student may not return next day. (Not a flipped classroom model)
Pays a $20 student tech fee (will cover cost of broken items- which have been very few) Tech coordinator brings to Apple Store and great service is noted.
No student ability to download apps--tech coordinator purchases teacher requested apps and downloads.
Students do not keep same IPAD from year to year, apps are different depending on grade level course work.
no games
no email access other than district account

Students are heavily involved in project based learning assignments. Some excellent student created videos about the cultural diversity of the neighborhood were shown.

Watching these elementary students with the technology in hand made me realize how much high schools will have to adjust to keep students challenged and interested.

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