Saturday, March 3, 2012

Thursday - One to What? BYOD v. 1:1

This presentation was a soapbox presentation by Michelle Luhtala who expressed her views in regards to BYOD.  Her district uses a MAC Address registration process.  Once that MAC Address is registered, students gain access to the wi-fi.  (This registration includes graduation year so that their information can remain current.)

She also stated a couple interesting tidbits such as the fact that Iowa seems to be heavily using Google Apps and that English Departments should cross check all of their reading lists with books that may be available for free digitally.  (Many of the older authors may indeed be free for download and worth checking out.)

It was also thought provoking as to how open, loud, and digital her library was depicted in videos.  It was more of a cyber cafe than a library and it was more of a commons than a "quiet area".  The students seemed very happy with the situation.

She also supplied an Acceptable Use Policy link  that her district is using.

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