Monday, September 30, 2013

Electronic Recycling Day is October 2 at FHS

The recycling truck is coming back to Fremd High School! If you have electronics that you want to remove from your home you can bring it to the FHS maintenance dock by the end of the day on Wednesday, October 2. A truck from Creative Recycling will arrive the next morning to remove your unwanted electronics.  Creative Recycling is recognized by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency as an official e-waste recycler.

Bring in anything that has a plug on it (as long as it is not hazardous or radioactive) and Creative Recycling will take it. Creative Recycling will wipe out or destroy data on your old computers as well.
For an official list of acceptable material, click here:

You can find other locations to recycle your electronics if you miss the one at Fremd on October 2. SWANCC  (Solid Waste Agency of Northern Cook County) has a permanent drop off at the Hoffman Estates Village Hall, and they schedule one-day-only recycling events at various locations all year long. Go to the SWANCC web page to learn more:

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I downloaded iOS7 but now I lost some of my data

Like millions of other people around the world, you probably decided to upgrade your iPad to iOS7 the day it was released. In your haste, you may have forgotten to back up your data to iCloud before the upgrade and now you have learned that some things are missing.  Your wireless passwords might be gone. Notability may have disappeared. Things look bleak...

If you are a Fremd High School student and you are using the Symantec Mobile Management (SMM) app then we might be able to help you. Here are the steps you need to follow to try to recover all of your data:

  1. Reset the information inside SMM by going to your Settings, scroll down on the list of settings on the left until you see Mobile MGMT. Click on that, and then move the slider to reset the data.  Close your Settings.
  2. Open the SMM app. You will have to register again by following these directions. You can only register when you are inside Fremd High School so do not try to follow the directions from home. When you are done, the SMM app will close automatically.
  3. Check to see if the registration with SMM worked by opening the SMM app. If the app opens, it worked. If it does not you will have to register again. It might take two tries, but we have not seen anyone have to try it a third time. 
  4. Wait. It could take up to an hour before your wireless keys install themselves and before apps appear inside the SMM.
  5. Reinstall Notability and Explain Everything if they went missing after you upgraded to iOS7. This happened to a small but noticeable number of users. To download them for free you must open the SMM app, click on All at the bottom of the page, and then find Notability and Explain Everything.
  6. Switch your Wi-Fi network from "Guest" to "StudentOne2One" after SMM adds your wireless passwords to your iPad. 
  7. Go back into your Wi-Fi settings, click on the Information button next to the Guest network, and then click on "Forget this Network". This will help to keep you on the StudentOne2One network which has better bandwidth and faster speed.
  8. TURN ON ICLOUD! When you use this free service your iPad will create backups automatically
    every time your iPad is plugged in, locked, and connected to Wi-Fi. Please, please, please turn this on so your data backs up automatically every single day. Go to Settings, then iCloud, then Storage & Backup to turn on iCloud Backup or to create a backup for the first time.
  9. While you are at it, turn on Find My iPad. This will GREATLY improve our ability to help you track down your lost or stolen iPad. Go to Settings, then iCloud, then use the slider to turn on Find My iPad.
After following these directions you might still need assistance. Please stop by the Technology Center at Fremd High School and we will be happy to assist you.

Coming Soon: Schoology will integrate with Dropbox and Evernote (in addition to Google Drive)

This is an exciting message that came directly from Schoology!! They will be expanding your ability to connect to your own personal Ed Tech resources by letting you connect your Schoology account with your Dropbox and Evernote accounts. This is in addition to your Google Drive account which is probably already connected. Khan Academy will also integrate with Schoology as well. 

Read on to get the full message. This has not been posted publicly yet, which is why I added it to my blog. Otherwise I would have just posted a link to this.


We are always looking for new ways to improve your Schoology experience, and this upcoming feature release will be a huge step in the right direction.
Resource Apps are applications that will enable you and your staff to access and use content from third-party vendors and external file repositories directly from the Resource Center. This way all your resources, third-party or not, are always right at your fingertips.
Resource Apps Google Drive screenshot
These integrated resources will behave in the same way as other Schoology resources—you can copy them to courses, distribute them to faculty, align them to standards, and more. In this initial release, you will have access to these four resource apps:
  • Khan Academy
  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • Evernote
Our SkyDrive app (Office 365) will be available in a later release soon afterwards. 
Renaming the Assignment Dropbox
We will be renaming the Assignment Dropbox to “Assignment Submissions.” It will be located in the same place and perform the same function, but its new name will make it distinct from our Dropbox Resource App.
We will publish an overview on the Schoology Blog and a step-by-step help article in our Help Center upon the release of these features. And don’t hesitate to email our dedicated Support Team at if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you!
The Schoology Team