Friday, March 16, 2012

IAPPS: Coache's eye, apple TV and evernotes.

Duirng the presentation on IAPPS, several teachers showed and suggested several apps that they use in the classroom.

coaches eye was one that i think could be of great use to the coaches at d211.

Another piece of technology that could be useful is apple TV. The presenter mentioned that you can mirror the teacher IPAD through apple tv. this could be useful in the classroom.

Evernote appears to be an awesome way students can create interactive notes.

March 7th ipad 3
Better than blue ray, thicker, better camera, 4g, faster processor, 128g, apple tv to screen, projector with HDMI, ipad apps
30 dollar vga adaptor
Panaromic 360 (1.99), image
Flipclass room apps
Showme, create a picture, with audio, share with network, creating content that you tie in with lesson, seconds to create, second to share
Showme channel, share videos from device
Evernote peak, create notes or notebooks, great way to study, the students create the words



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