Friday, March 9, 2012

Flipping the Classroom

This was an excellent presentation done by two middle school teachers in Kenilworth.

I have thought about doing this in the past, but after seeing the presentation, I am certain that this is something I will do.

Things they use:

Screencast -- video hosting site

They emphasized an the considerable amount of increased instruction time and measurable increases in student performance.  Their own videos are posted on screencast and encourage the use of other educational instructional videos such as Khan Academy or some others.  The advantage is that students can play the videos at their own pace, pause, fast forward, or rewind to view again.

The presenters discussed that from time to time students do not have time or the ability to watch the videos at home.  They said the students go the to the library before school or during thier lunch or study hall to view them.

Next week, I will experiment with this in my AP Government Class.  I will record a powerpoint lecture -- both audio and video -- post the video to Edmodo, and then do more applications in class.

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