Sunday, August 4, 2013

Bring your laptop in for a check up

Have you brought your computer in for a check-up lately? Drop it off in the technology department so we can get it running as good as new!

I know what you're going to say: "I don't want my computer re-imaged!" It's a valid statement. 
So there are two options for you that will be available starting August 12, 2013.

Option one: the check-up
We will simply run updates and check your laptop for viruses. We will also clean your keyboard and screen, replace your battery to give your computer longer life, and label your power cord so your coworkers stop "borrowing" yours. That's it! We promise.

Option two: full re-image
All of your software will be updated when your computer is re-imaged. This helps to guarantee that your computer is running best, but it also means that you need to back up all your data (files, photos, songs, etc.) before you turn it in. You should keep your files online anyway (Google Docs, Dropbox, or H Drive) but if you leave something on your computer then it will be erased. So be careful! Your computer will still get a nice cleaning and a new laptop battery, too.

Option three: Office 2013 AND Windows 8
Wait, there were only supposed to be two options. Where did this magical third choice come from? Well, FHS teachers, you are in for an amazing year. Option three is the installation of Office 2013 on your laptop. This will NOT require a re-imaging of your computer. (Don't forget, you can buy Office 2013 for your home computer for about $10.)

Windows 8 is also coming to your laptop. Lenovo tablet users will be especially interested in Windows 8. Get more from your touch-screen computer with Windows 8.  This will not be available until late September as Microsoft has not officially released a major update to Windows 8. Your computer WILL need to be re-imaged if you want Windows 8, so back it up accordingly.

Rules and Terms
Yes, there are rules to this amazing offer. First, you need to bring your computer in before 9 am if you want it back by the end of the day. Second, we will NOT be able to update any computers on August 19, 20 or 21 due to last-minute requests related to the first day of school. I don't think there is a third condition, but I reserve the right to add one later if needed.

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