Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Five key factors to consider when choosing a tablet

I read an article called, "How To Choose the Right Tablet For Your School".  It lists the five key factors to consider before choosing a device for your students.

Overall, keep this in mind before you choose a device - it is the way you teach and interact with your kids that matters the most.  Place your materials online, structure your lessons to take advantage of the Internet, have your kids collaborate on projects, and offer immediate feedback if you want your classroom to truly change. Ultimately the device shouldn't matter in the end.  You can create a one-to-one program with Kindle Fires ($200), netbooks ($300), Chromebooks ($400), or the new iPads ($500) if you have the right people and the right motivation.

The five key factors from the article are:
  1. Consider your learning goals - your focus needs to be on improving instruction 
  2. Figure out your digital curriculum strategy - teachers need to build their curriculum first before a device is chosen
  3. Pick your management style - determine if or how or who you will manage the devices
  4. Set your price point and refresh cycle - know from the start how many computers you will buy each year
  5. Choose your top features - each device has different features; know what you need before you choose

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