Thursday, October 7, 2010

Board room remote control directions

The remote control in the board room controls two projectors and the sound system.  Here are some basic directions for its operation.

Connecting to a video source:
There are several VGA connections in control boxes in the floor of the board room.  Each box is labeled.  After connecting your computer to one of the boxes, click the button on the left under Choose A Source that corresponds to the correct box.  

Connecting to an audio source:
Inside each of the control boxes in the floor of the board room is a mini-stereo audio input.  You need to connect the headphone jack on your computer to the audio input inside the box.  Be sure that the volume on your computer is turned on, and make sure that the Mute button on the remote is not selected.  You can control the volume of your presentation on the computer and on the remote control.  If you do not hear the volume, you may need to turn up the volume on both the computer and the remote.

The microphones connect to a large XLR connector inside the control boxes in the floor of the board room.  You can control the volume of your microphones on the remote control.  The volume buttons control to volume of the microphones and the computer.  Use the volume on the computer to raise or lower its volume to match the volume level of people speaking into the microphones.

Turn the system on:
Click on either the Center Projector button or the Side Projector button.  This will turn on the specified projector and also activate the sound system.  The screens will lower automatically for each projector. 

Turn the system off:
Click on the Turn System Off button to turn off all equipment.  The screens will raise into the ceiling and the projectors will turn off after cooling down for approximately 1-2 minutes.  

Adjusting the image on the screen:
Different computers require a different screen resolution, which might affect the way it looks on the screen.  If the image on the screen is not centered on the screen or seems blurry, you can adjust the projector.  Click on the correct video source button, inside the Choose A Source section, and in the center of the remote control screen you will see Adjust Center Projector and Adjust Side Projector.  Click on those buttons to adjust the image.  

Help Desk:
Please call Carol at x6751 for assistance during the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.  She will direct your call to the proper person.

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